Thursday, 7 July 2011

45. Life Lesson - Absence

Having absences in life is like living life without having a dick.  It's not acceptable, unless you're a woman, imagine living life without having the knowledge to cook.  Yeah gg.  Having an absence in almost anything is bad.  Such as, missing out on party.  You're missing out on potential women, drinks, friends, and most of all, fun.  Socializing is far more fun than playing games.  Trust me.  Absences lead to no good.  Absence in school is terrible, you miss out on learning which will lead to bad grades.  So, eat your cockmeatsandwich, suck it up, and stop being absent at events.  Go there, do your shit, do it good.  You might not have fun the first time, maybe even awkward.  But, after a while, you will have fun.  If you don't want to smoke weed and your friends are, you still go.  You tell them, "you're sharing a joint, potential HIV brah, umad?".  And just sit down and enjoy your Mc Donalds cheeseburger that you bought for 1.39 and will be 20x better than the 5 grams of weed they purchased for 20 bucks.  GG.  The moral?  Be there, socialize.