Saturday, 30 April 2011

29. Life Lesson - Eminem

Eminem.  Period.  All that should be said are already in that first sentence.  All you have to do is read in between the lines or rather line.  Eminem is the best mainstream rapper there is.  All you hip hop faggots can debate with me but Eminem is the best mainstream.  Only those who want to fucking say that he isn't are either on Lil Wayne's dick or Drake's.  I know you like the BBC up your ass, douche.  Yes, I'm on Eminem's dick, no homo.  What's there not to like about his music?  If you don't like it, you're either a soft ass bitch or a man bitch.  Man bitches are also called, gay faggots.  Gay faggots.  Eminem hates gays.  Therefore, I can prove, through mathematical equation that Gays are evil.  Gays = time and money, gays like to invest time into gay shit and costs more, from what I know.
So, Gays = (time) (money)             we all know time is money, Time = Money
So, Gays = (money) (money)         we all know when two multiply it becomes squared
So, Gays = (money)^2                   we all know money is the ROOT of all evil
So, Gays = evil

So, Eminem knows what's bad and what's good.  Listen to his music, he knows what's best.  His lyrics, his flow and his life.  The shit that he has accomplished throughout his life are far more amazing than anything from any rapper.
here's the link to my friend's Eminem upload.


  1. You'd have to prove that gays = time and money first... but nice try?

  2. i dont really like recent eminem stuff

  3. Yea Eminem is pretty awesome, I love when he gets mad. I can't wait for the Eminem & Royce EP!

  4. Eminem is the blackest man alive.

  5. meh i agree with em being the best but chill out on the homophobia man.

  6. love Eminem but let us not forget about Dr. Dre. I mean he did sign him.

  7. Mainstream rapper = Shit
    Eminem = Mainstream rapper

    Therefore Eminem = Shit (But i'll give you that he's the best of the shit)

  8. I'm glad Eminem kind of went back to how he used to rap, but the Marshal Mathers LP is just fucking amazing.