Saturday, 11 June 2011

41. Life Lesson - Hypocrites and Narcissists

Hay, let's talk about hypocrites and Narcissists. First of all, hypocrites, they're easy to find.  Especially online, facebook.  When you're in a debate with someone and you spot something hypocritical that's when you've won the debate.  I don't like hypocrites.  You shouldn't either.  I fucking hate hypocrites but I'm one myself.  Get paradoxed, you mad?  But in all seriousness, they are the scum of smegma in Super Mega Smegma ville.  They are like salt and vinegar chips; taste and smell like shit.  Come at me salt and vinegar chip lovers.  Hypocrites contradict themselves and are pretty much related with narcissists.  They coexist.  "I think I am an Indigo child, I SEE THINGS, I'VE MET A REPTILIAN, AVATARS ARE REAL!".  Stfu, ya fucking, faggot (sing-songly tone).  It's cool if you've looked up a youtube vid and think you're an indigo child but bitch plz, you're normal, like all of us.  Normal.  "BUT I READ BOOKS ON IT AND DRESS IN BLACK CLOTHES!! YOU DON'T BELIEVE THEREFORE YOU AREN'T ONE!"  Okay, you're a hipster who read a summary on another hipster's book.  Cool story bro.  Every time you punch out a hypocrite you get 2 brownie points, and if you combo it up with a narcissist you get a special attack, it's called, Haibroken!


  1. hahaha the picture is so funny.
    i hate hypocrites

  2. jokes on you, i read books youve never even heard of

  3. Heard about the "indigo children" nonsense once. *eye roll* Buncha crap. Haha.