Wednesday, 22 June 2011

43. Life Lesson - Stress: Dealing With it

There once was a day that I actually cared about exams, that was a couple days ago when I could actually get revoked of my university acceptance.  Yeah, I thought, if I failed, hello victory lap.  Stress.  Came and ate my butt hole.  Inside out.  So I decided to go ham on my fucking studying.  Goodbye victory lap, hello hair loss.  So how do you treat stress?  Don't think about the amount of work you have to do.  Don't think about any shit at all.  Do what you're suppose to do.  I know it's fucking hard but we're all able right, except dementors that have an iq below that of a dolphin.  That's right, the smartest dolphins in the world probably have more iq than a dementor.  BUT FUCK, YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT STRESS KK? You just do your shit bro.  Real bros don't have stress, real bros release stress on women.  Yeah, women get manicures and pedicures, we get handicures.  Nahmean?  So here's a joke for all of you I thought of when I was ripping my calculus exam, Why did the two derivaties who where completely opposite marry each other?

They both got a ln.

HAHAHA.  btw I fucking shat on calculus exam.  Teacher was impressed.  If my teacher was a sexy ass teen, she'd be like "heyy (:" WITH the double Y's.  You jelly.


  1. Good tip for dealing with stress bro, just dont give a fuckk ;D

  2. Hell yeah, thanks a lot, I needed something like this really :)