Monday, 11 April 2011

23. Life Lesson - The BBB

You know what the BBB is?  Sometimes called the triple b.  That shit is SO cash.  Well sometimes, most times, actually now that I think of it, it's not that cash at all.  A lot of fat people these days.  Therefore, BBB doesn't tend to acquire my likings at all.  Fuck, I'm a hypocrite. Back to the topic, the BBB can be spotted everywhere, in front of you, behind you and beside you and if you're gay, you'll be changing that last B to a C and seeing a lot of it.  Rarely, do I personally ever spot a BBB to my likings.  The BBB is an acronym for, Big Booty Bitches.  Now this might sound terrific because everyone loves the BBB, even your father.  But, BBB doesn't stand for all the hot girls, it stands for all the girls, in general.  That's right, even the fat ones.  Those are the ones you have to watch out for.  If you stumble upon them on your quest to slay some BBB, then you sir, have a problem.  How do you solve this?  Take out your calculus vectors, poke that bitch a couple magnitudes away, and while you're at it drop a couple of magnitudes of earthquakes; no Geodude.  Now this is when the Fat BBB's like to counter attack you.  They aim straight for your ego knowing they've already lost theirs, they kick your dick.  No, not ballsack, they aim straight for the dick.  Unless you have a sword dick or the Chronicles of Riddick, you're not winning this match.  The only defense is to throw some food aside and get the fuck out of there.  I need not cover what to do with the good BBBs.  Since that's all you.  Good luck on your mission in acquiring the BBB you fucker.