Tuesday, 19 April 2011

26. Life Lesson - Peer Evaluation

The stuff is hilarious.  Especially if you're editing essays of someone who is almost or absolutely retarded.  The joke is?  It's academic grade 12 and I've maintained an average of 89 throughout the course.  I've just about edited the worse essays from my friends.  "Othello is black hero and is one of unique books of Shake Spear".  Read that shit. Then read it again backwards.  It makes more sense backwards than it does forwards.  At least when you read it backwards the hero has a name and is saying, "Oh Hello".  How the fuck is Othello a hero if he's black and discriminated.  Shake Spear?  What kind of porn you be watching?  This fucker kills his wife and himself.  I mean, don't get me wrong, he's the protagonist, but the protagonist isn't always the hero.  Then after I finish the edit or as I call it, the good copy, this person asks me, "Wat shult the tittle b?".  Buddy, we're not cybering here.  I don't want you to shit on my tit, B.  Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Whoever made that line up, please tell me why I'm crying at how bad people can write?  This person must've been an invertebrate.  So I finish re-editing the essay, my friend says, "Yo, this essay is gonna be gucci".  The fuck?  How does an essay become Gucci?  Are you talking about the shit in your dick?  That's called smegma and in any case, smegma was better looking than the essay before it was edited.  No homo.


  1. what the **** is going on in that image

  2. peer evaluation is annoying as hell

  3. haha, I hated peer editing. I was in the top 50 of my class and with my luck I always got put with one of the other 500 idiots trailing my rank and what did they have to contribute to my well written essay. NOT SHIT. That's the good thing about college, you can pick who you want to edit your paper and college filters out the idiots who can't write a full sentence.