Wednesday, 13 April 2011

24. Life Lesson - Rage

Raging isn't one of the best things out there.  On the internet or in real life.  Rage doesn't get you anywhere, and certainly does not help you acquire female attraction.  Because, when you see a girl rage, do you think that shit's attractive? No! NO! Continuing, an example of fail rage is, when you get mad at your parents for saying some stupid shit and then you lock yourself into your own room.  What the fuck is that gonna do?  You realize you're going to have to come out sometime right? Or you can just chill in there and play loud ass music until they come in. That's probably the only way to counter that.  Play some hardcore rap, like some Wiz Khalifa, loudly, key word.  "BLACK STRIPE!", turn that shit down! "YELLOW PAINT", TURN THAT SHIT DOWN! "THEM NIGGERS SCARED", DID HE JUST SAY NIGGER?  I'm going up there and having a good talk with him. "BUT THEM HOES AIN'T".  You: Trollface.jpg.  But all in all, when they barge through, your parents will lay the smack down.  It's just a loss-loss situation for you, unless you enjoy pissing them off.  Rage also increases your blood pressure, that's not good man, unless you're a vampire, that's great.  Rage also gives stress, stress = white hairs, white hairs = opposite of super saiyin.  Yeah.  You get what I'm getting.  Rage is bad.  Now to end off with a forced cliche ending.  l o l u m a d b r o ?


  1. That's why there should be a real Rage Cage, a store you could go to an pick out furniture, tv, or anything else and pay a reasonable price to destroy it with a variety of weapons.

  2. The only things that makes me rage is fucking video games...gets me every time.