Wednesday, 4 May 2011

30. Life Lesson - Frisbee

LOL.  So fun.  Playing Frisbee is like watching magic school bus.  But you're not watching the bus, you're watching Mrs. Frizzle.  Is it mrs or ms?  She doesn't have a kid, so it might be ms, but then again, she's one hot tamale.  Get it, 'cause her hair is red?  Awr yeah.  Frrrah.  Ok, I'm about to drop the bomb on why playing frizzle is fucking explosive.  I don't think ya'll ready for this; virgin.  I'm about to heat it up; microwave.  Frizzy is hot; summer.  Ok, enough of this shit.  Frizzy is fucking bomb.  You throw a disc to someone and then?  YOU GET IT BACK AND YOU THROW IT FUCKING BACK AGAIN.  If you want to change positions, YOU CHANGE POSITIONS.  You throw it backhand, overhead, dagger or even fucking roll it to the right side so it does a fucking curvature to your friend.  HOLY SHIT.  If you're playing competitively, you throw that shit to your teammates.  HOLY SHIT.  Yes, that's right folks and women, you get teammates.  Also, it's co-ed.  You mad?  It's not only fun, it's also athletic!  You sweat your shit out, unless you're just tossing it around in which is more fun inside a gym where you can do some crazy shit like shit crazy some do can you where gym a inside fun more.  In the end of it all, you enjoy it and enjoy it.  

fucking glow in the dark
glow in your toilet
glow in the night
glow in the forest