Friday, 13 May 2011

32. Life Lesson - Venting

Till I explode all up in your mouth; pop rocks.  That was what’s on my mind and what I had to get out.  Usually in life, everyone likes a good vent, in my example, I didn’t vent, I just wanted to express what was on my mind.  I guess you can call that air conditioning or what you learned in biology, HOMEOSTASIS…bitch!  That’s the regulation of temperature and shit in your body. You mad I’m on dat academic time?  Yeah you mad.  Anyways, venting is an excellent way to express YOUR views and thoughts on something YOU believe in, or you just want to go Rambo and overuse every single swear word to your friend.  Or, if you’re alpha, vent to someone you hate.  “Tyrone you fucking faggot cockroach, go suckabagofdicks”, Tyrone, “You mad?”.  Ez, both of you get venting points.  This one time, I open a fucking bag of bear paws and ate half of it until I realize ants have infested it and I was just like, “Fuck”.  Wasn’t the greatest bear paw.  That’s still venting.  Venting makes you feel good.  Just don’t vent too much or you’ll get anger problems and kill people; no Virginia Tech.  Anyways ending this off, my pen is the Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip.