Tuesday, 24 May 2011

35. Life Lesson - The Acceptance Phase

I got accepted into the university that I applied to and that is the University of Waterloo.  You mad I'm on dat academic time?  Yeah you better be.  'Cause based on my marks, I'm just an average human running shit.  79% all university courses average and I got into my program for Arts and Business.  I got my life planned and all that shit.  6 years for MBA and GG.  MBA = Motherfucking Balling Asshole's Certificate.  So MBAC.  I'M BACK MOTHERFUCKERS.  Anyways, enough trolling.  Gaining acceptance feels good right?  Yeah, it feels awesome, like the touch of a female.  Bonerific.  Unless she be ugly, then she better back off and acceptance would not feel good at all.  It would feel terrible.  Terrible like the touch of an ugly female.  Like the ones that are fat as fuck but still wear Gucci Prada Louis Vuitton shit, the ones that think they're hot but no, just no.  To gain acceptance into something that you like, you have to work for it but after you gain acceptance you just don't like it anymore.  Like, I fucking worked my ass off this year doing all these bullshit Calculus and Physics assignments then I get accepted.  But there's still one month of schooling left.  FUCK.  It's as if, "Oh hey, there's a twinkie, *eats*, oh hey, the creme is jizz".  Fuck yo couch.  I will still go hard in university; no erection.  I will drink all the females like they're milk; good for my bone-er.  So everyone let me try on your shoes and tell me what it felt like when you get accepted into something.  I'm outtie; fagget's belly button.


  1. yeah it has to come somewhere, so got to say yes

  2. well done for uni, but damn that frog looks sad

  3. Glad you're still posting. Great posts, too.

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