Friday, 27 May 2011

36. Life Lesson - Being Victorious and Everything That Relates To Victory

In life, your life, my life, we all want to win.  Winning is what gets the bitches.  Winning is what makes you feel good. Winning is what puts the hard on the nipples. Winning is what defines us.  Inb4 Charlie Sheen pun.  Being victorious is something that not everyone can achieve but you know what?  If you can't, then too bad mother fucker.  Tough luck, you're better off losing like a dipshit.  Problem?  To become victorious you have to have the mentality.  Whatever you're doing, do it with pride.  When trolling someone, you do it with pride.  You fucking drop bombs like Nagasaki on them bitches.  You take words to another level, you put creativity, you think outside and beyond the fucking tonka trollbox.  You take their genitals and stick it up their asses until they scream forfeit.  You fucking vagina punch them Captain Falcon style.  Have I told you how to win yet?  No.  Now, to win, in anything, you have to have background knowledge on it.  If you don't and you go into a challenge, then you're fucked upside down; missionary.  Now, if you read this, you are now on the verge of becoming victorious and everything that relates to victory, you know why?  Because there was absolutely nothing to gain from this paragraph but you still read it.  You are victorious.  If you didn't you are a mentally inferior cunt.  Mad?