Tuesday, 29 March 2011

15. Life Lesson - Smarten Up

In school life, there are the smart people and the lower class of intellectuals.  When you're in school, you're forced to use your brain to learn (no shit eh?) and when you're not, you hardly use your brain, well for academic purposes anyways.  So, to the point, academics is just like society, there are the smart people, they are the ones that will get to places and will just get smarter, in society they are the bureaucrats and then theres the proletariats, the middle working class and below, they just get poorer and poorer, this is reflected by their intelligence; they become dumb and dumber. So, you have to fucking smarten up in school or you'll just take it up the ass more and more everyday until you become enraged and drop out.  Smartening up will take that dick out of your ass and out of your life and be replaced with poon.  Acquire currency, acquire females but disregard haters.  This is what you'll have if you smarten up.  Everything you do will become boss like and you'll no longer be the fapper but now, the fappee.  Enjoy your cheese.