Monday, 21 March 2011

9. Life Lesson - School Work

No one gives a shit about school work when they're enrolled in elementary school and the junior steps of high school.  People start taking shits when it's grade 12, the mid term.  The fucking midterm.  The midterm is like an anal probe that's been released into your asshole and will remain there until you get the midterm marks.  The mid term is something you DO NOT want to fuck with.  It is lethal like lethal weapon two, that's pretty lethal.  This is what sets your life and the path that you will take.  Fucking scary.  I mean, you can take an extra semester the year after but what's the point?  Your parents would probably kick you out right after you turn 18.  You have to take grade 12 seriously.  Don't want to ruin the fun of partying but less of it means better school marks.  Once you get into university or college you can party all the fucking time, slay all the poon you want but til then, study.  You just have to wait, unlike those dumbfucks who don't care and just skip every day.  You're not cool, you're a failure.  After your parents kick you out, you'll feel the aftermath of your skipping.  Unless you have some amazing talent, your life is done after highschool.  So, grip your fucking sanded nipples for the ride of grade twelve, you will need it.


  1. Second semester of grade 12 I had already gotten my acceptance letters. I just had to worry about the imminent AP tests at the end of the year. I think most people just tend to slack off at around this time because they've been worrying about college applications for so long and now that those are done with, it's like a huge weight lifted off their shoulders.

  2. yeah man, i'm in that phase right now fuuuu -_-

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