Monday, 21 March 2011

8. Life Lesson - Sleep is Somewhat Awsome

Although sleep passes in what seems like a blink of an eye, it lasts for hours.  Sleep can only be described as an orgasmic ecstasy.  When you sleep or nap your body just lifts away from reality and you drift into sexual arousal; literally and figuratively.  Coming home from a tiring day of school or work and lying on a soft flat bed, couch or even floor feels incredible.  Sometimes you just want sleep to last forever.  However, there is the "somewhat" part.  When you sleep at a time that is unusual for your body's clock, the aftermath is terrible.  You wake up and just have sores and pains (nothing gay unless you take it up the ass, then it's gay).  This is because your body is so new to this time of sleep that it does things that I don't even fucking know, some magical demon comes in and just stabs your body with his pitchfork and takes a shit on your face.  Yeah, that's what happens, you get molested by a magical demon when you sleep at the wrong time.  So sleep on the right time, unless you're getting laid, then sleep whenever you feel like; just prepare for that fucking demon.


  1. interesting theory with the magical demon.

  2. I always love laying down in bed when I'm exhausted. Nothing better than that care-free feeling right before drifting off.